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Bathurst Camping Unpowered Tickets 2024

  Please select your campsite/s from the map below:

Booking Instructions:

  • Select your campsite/s
  • On the following page, you will add how many people are staying on the campsite/s

Please note: Every person staying on your campsite must purchase a camping pass.  You can either do this on the following page or if you are unsure how many people will be staying on your campsite/s, you can add them at a later date through your members portal.

IMPORTANT! Campsite/s and Camping Ticket/s DO NOT include entry into the event (Bathurst Autofest). You MUST purchase general admission tickets (or vehicle entry) in addition to your camping booking.

For Camping Information such as campsite size, check-in, check-out, etc. please click here

By purchasing a campsite, you agree to Conditions of Entry and Campground Rules listed on the button below:
Conditions of Entry

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